🔭 Astro Session Planner

Astro Session Planner - a tool for planning your nightly astro imaging sessions

What can Astro Session Planner do for you?

  • Did you ever discover that the skies cleared up in the evening and then you wondered what target to point your equipment at?
  • Did you set up several promising targets but do not want to stay up all night and start them one after the other?
  • Did you start some ambitious mosaic projects, but lost track of the countless panels and exposures you collected so far?

Then Astro Session Planner is the tool to save your night!

Main Features

  • open an imaging session file and view the targets, what progress you made with collecting frames and what is the best observation date and time
  • easily apply target profiles to one selected or all targets, i.e. set exposure times and frame counts per filter
  • select individual targets from multiple mosaic sequences and assemble the optimum observation plan for upcoming night(s)
  • have Astro Session Planner suggest viable targets from your library / database of session files
  • automatically keep track of target progress and completion state